Traditional therapy, coaching and the (spiritual) self-help industry, have been looking at personal growth, emotions, healing, and helping people overcome life’s adversities, the wrong way. Their healing practices and tools fall short because of this. While all the while, more and more people are finding themselves in a self-sabotaging loop, hypersensitive, anxious, insecure, lonely, burnt-out or depressed. A change in perspective is needed desperately. 

A new perspective

The main reason why people struggle mentally, emotionally and physically, is not because something is (cognitively) wrong with them, or because of a chemical imbalance in their brain, but because of the dysfunctional and demanding society, culture and family system they grew up in, and the unacknowledged and unhealed adverse childhood experiences and/or trauma that they’ve had to endure, because of that. When adverse childhood experiences and trauma go unnoticed and untreated, they can have a large impact on people’s lives, causing them to feel e.g. unwell, unhappy, unfulfilled, stressed, anxious, hypersensitive, burnt-out, insecure, worthless, helpless, lonely or depressed.

A healing journey through the elements

HeArt Journey

Starts January 2023

‘Let your human senses dance
with nature’s elements
in an everlasting embrace
of acknowledging life
in each other’s eyes.’

HeArt Journey is a 1 year guided healing journey through the elements, an online platform, and a community, with monthly provided guidance, healing art, and practical tools and steps, to help you dive deeper into your healing journey, become your own healer, and transform yourself and your life. 

The journey will help you to travel inwards, all the way down to your authentic self, and to become a self-aware, free, healed and empowered human being who lives up to its creative potential. 


At the root of all our mental and physical suffering, lie suppressed and unexpressed emotions. As a child, people are mostly not being taught how to acknowledge, understand, express and regulate their emotions properly and in a healthy way. In fact, they are (mostly unconsciously) shamed, rejected, ignored, overlooked, ridiculed or even punished for showing vulnerability or expressing their emotions. This results in emotional dysregulation and/or the suppression of emotions entirely. Dysregulated and/or suppressed emotions, subconsciously dictate and control people’s lives. Learning how to become aware of suppressed emotions, and how to understand, feel, express and regulate them, can help people to feel in control of their lives again and to become healthy, free and empowered human beings. 

A personalized healing tool & piece of art in one

HeArt Reflection

A tool that transcends classic forms of psychology & coaching and that gets to the root of your suffering, saving you years of psychological and emotional struggle.

A HeArt Reflection is a 10-15 minute personalized healing tool – intuitively created by Myrthe – with poetry, spoken word, healing sounds, music & song.

It is a guide on your healing journey and it is completely attuned to you, your process and a question you submit.  

It helps with self-awareness, and generates self-compassion, warmth, trust, safety, peace and harmony, from which mental, emotional and physical suffering and/or childhood adversities or trauma, large or small, conscious or not, can be addressed, acknowledged, felt and healed properly. 


All mental health disorders are actually adaptations to unsafe environments (Nicole LePera). Growing up in a dysfunctional and demanding society, culture and family system like ours, can create strong feelings of overwhelm, helplessness and unsafety, resulting in the creation of coping (or survival) mechanisms to deal with all of it. These mechanisms can turn into unhealthy and self-sabotaging behaviors later in life, which in turn can lead to mental health disorders (or dysregulation). To break free from these mechanisms and behaviors, it is necessary for people to help themselves feel safe again inside their body. Once they do this, they will feel confident, grounded and at peace, and they will be able to tap into their intuition and the enormous creative potential that lies dormant inside of them. 


Myrthe Glasbergen is an occupational health psychologist (MSc), intuitive singer, writer and creator. After she graduated, she has worked as an assessment psychologist, singing teacher and successful life and job coach for young professionals for several years. 

It was during her work as a life and job coach that she found herself limited by traditional tools of psychologists and coaches. 

She quickly discovered that the source of people’s problems and their mental, emotional and physical suffering, wasn’t what she was taught, and that the tools created to help people solve their problems and overcome life’s adversities, weren’t sufficient at all because of that. 

She felt that a new approach towards psychology, emotions, healing and helping people overcome life’s adversities was needed desperately.