Beloved visitor,

Thanks to all of your support this site has been expanding and growing the last couple of years. 

Because of this I was able to put my dream, mission and vision into action and create a new and bigger platform, where I could combine all of my passions into one beautiful project: 

Beyond Psychology
The only way onwards, is inwards.
A movement and new approach towards psychology, healing and helping people overcome life’s adversities.

Of course it is still possible to order a HeArt Reflection or to exchange your gift card, but the main focus is now on HeArt Journey, a guided healing journey of one year through the elements, and an online platform & community. 

In my life and work money isn’t leading, this is why I hope to be able to offer my services for free in the future to the people who really need it.

Check it out at Beyond Psychology, and read more about my newest project and sequel to HeArt Reflection.

With love,