HeArt Journey


HeArt Journey is a 1 year guided healing journey through the elements, online platform and community, with monthly provided guidance, healing art and practical tools and steps, to help you dive deeper into your healing journey, become your own healer, and transform yourself and your life.


What you’ll get

+ Access to the HeArt Community & Platform and all the content for 1 year to help you dive deeper into your healing journey and create the life you want.

+ A private online community and safe space where you can connect with others, and share all of who you are.

+ A new element will be introduced every 3 months, with a new topic and guidance every month.

+ A new piece of art every month that consists of music, poetry, song, storytelling and healing sounds, created by Myrthe and/or guests, that helps to generate self-compassion, warmth, trust, safety, peace and harmony, from which adverse childhood experiences and/or trauma, large or small, can be addressed, acknowledged, felt and healed.

+ A new practice or assignment every month to help you to learn e.g. how to self-soothe, self-comfort and reparent yourself, express and regulate your emotions, voice your needs, set boundaries, take responsible action, or to form a deep relationship with yourself and your body and its innate wisdom.