Myrthe Glasbergen is an occupational health psychologist (MSc), intuitive singer, writer and creator. After she graduated, she has worked as an assessment psychologist, singing teacher and successful life and job coach for young professionals for several years.

It was during her work as a life and job coach that she found herself limited by traditional tools of psychologists and coaches.

She quickly discovered that the source of people’s problems and their mental, emotional and physical suffering wasn’t what she was taught and that the tools created to help people solve their problems and overcome life’s adversities, weren’t sufficient at all because of that.

She felt that a new approach towards psychology, healing and helping people overcome life’s adversities was needed desperately. 

Traditional tools place too much emphasis on solving people’s problems the cognitive way (talking, thinking, analyzing, understanding…) or with medication, not considering that the source of people’s problems and suffering isn’t cognitive nor the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain, but emotional, and related to adverse childhood experiences and trauma.

The tools also put too much emphasis on getting people back on track in society as soon as possible, while our demanding society is one of the main reasons people are suffering in the first place.

Not a good recipe for success.

Because Myrthe wanted more for her clients and for herself too – nothing human was strange to her – she went on a search to find out what it is that people truly need to heal and become free, authentic and empowered human beings.

At the same time, she got confronted with her own unhealed parts that caused her to experience feelings of depression, anxiety and symptoms of burn-out. This led her to go on a deep inner healing journey herself first.

After 2 years of lived experience and a deep transformation, she finally found the answers she was looking for. She began to create her own healing philosophy and healing art and tools that could really help people heal, transform and break free from the dysfunctional cycles and systems they found themselves trapped in.

All with the sole purpose of being more insightful, effective, efficient, healing and empowering than traditional tools and resources. 

She created HeArt Reflection, a personalized healing tool with poetry, spoken word, healing sounds, music & song, that transcends classic forms of psychology & coaching and that gets to the roots of your suffering. Saving you years of psychological and emotional struggle.

And HeArt Journey – a healing journey through the elements, starting every year, and helping people to become self-aware, free, authentic and empowered human beings who live up to their creative potential.