HeArt Reflection + Guidance


Would you like to receive a HeArt Reflection and an extra audio with a comprehensive explanation and Myrthe’s vision and guidance on your question and/or life theme? Then order HeArt Reflection + guidance.

After your order you will receive your HeArt Reflection from Myrthe with an extra audio with her vision and explanation. She helps you to understand and interpret your HeArt Reflection and how to integrate the information into your daily life.

A HeArt Reflection is a 10-15 minute personalized healing tool – intuitively created by Myrthe – with poetry, spoken word, healing sounds, music & song.

It is a guide on your healing journey and it is completely attuned to you, your process and a question you submit. 

A HeArt Reflection helps with self-awareness, and generates self-compassion, warmth, trust, safety, peace and harmony, from which mental, emotional and physical suffering and/or childhood adversities or trauma, large or small, conscious or not, can be addressed, acknowledged, felt and healed properly.

A HeArt Reflection will bring you self-love, trust, clarity, healing, acceptance, inspiration, motivation and inner peace. It will help you to release stuck and heavy emotions, overcome fears that are holding you back, and to remember who you truly are.

A HeArt Reflection can be used as often as needed. It is therefore very efficient and it will save you years of psychological and/or emotional struggle.